The lofts


Obtained on the top floor of the Villa these rooms are warm and cosy. Characterized by wooden ceilings overlook the garden or the surrounding hills with dormer windows that offer plenty of natural light and wide and comfortable bathrooms.


  • LCD Television
  • Indipendent A/C
  • En-suite bathroom
  • Minibar
  • Telephone
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • OPERA – This magical and evocative room is inspired by the world of lyric Opera, with its suggestion that it has become over the years one of the most representative aspects of the Arena and the city of Verona. All the charm and intensity of the most famous opera performances, is revived, with refined elegance, in the details of the room. The feeling that you can try staying there is to live, even for one night, in an epic world where all the most noble and overwhelming expressions of man are taken to excess and their confused and intertwined, gives life to a story without time, heroes and heroines of the stage, in a crescendo of emotions, including lights of stars, music and the intense thrill of the most beautiful voices in the world.
  • MOSAIC – As announced in the name itself, is characterized by a very large bathtub, completely covered in mosaic. With its irregular shape this beautiful tub seems almost a natural element and gives the bathroom being the magic of the Roman baths. The bedroom, in this context, becomes a sweet oasis of calm that envelops the visitor in a soft, delicate and extremely refined atmosphere. The curtains represent naturalistic designs of vines and ripe grapes, leaves and bunches in emerald green and gold give the bedroom harmony twilight, the day that gradually comes to an end, giving away to the fragrant and starry night of campaign.
  • ORTENSIA – Finely inspired by the floral world, Ortensia is an example of delicacy, in which all elements are in perfect harmony visual and sensory. The room Ortensia, with its heady scent of flowers is a warm and enveloping nest where indulging in the harsh winter months, or a corner of invigorating freshness, where you can lose between snow-white linen sheets, listening to the buzz or the constant chirping of crickets and cicadas in the warm and sunny summer.