The large living room in colonial-style is perhaps the most characteristic room of the “Relais”. The walls and ceiling are white and plastered with a technique that suggests irregular small defects of time, to respect and to enhance the ancient origin of this hall. Candid white are also the two large sofas in fabric, in front to one another and located in the middle of the hall, on a beautiful persian carpet. Unlimited fresh flowers everywhere, stacks of books and magazines of furniture and design, fine cigars available for the guests in order to collaborate and create a cosmopolitan atmosphere open to the art of the world and all its fascinating influence.

The room overlooks on two sides of the garden. The window-door has a direct access to the veranda, while the two large side windows open on to the adjacent park. Being in the room is perceived as a fusion in between architectural elements, furniture and natural elements and this is the most notable peculiarity of the room that has become in fact the border line in fading between natural beauty and the beauty created by care and the human eye.